Data Protection

Data Protection

In accordance with our company privacy policy, we will NOT share or pass on any information about you to a third party, unless you give us your permission to do so.

We store the information that you provide in order to give you the best possible service.

We will use this data in a fair, lawful and secure manner, and solely in connection with our company business.

We promise NOT to pass this information to traders of personal data. You may check and amend the information that we hold about you by contacting us.

Access to this website may include the use of a “session cookie”. Session cookies are not considered to be an invasion of privacy, and merely allow the website to link the actions of a user during a browser session. They may be used for a variety of purposes such as remembering what a user has put in their shopping basket, or remember them as an authenticated user after logging into a private area.

These session cookies expire after a browser session so would not be stored longer term.

For this reason session cookies are considered less privacy intrusive than persistent cookies, and are therefore exempt from “The Privacy and Electronic Communications EC Directive” and so do not require prior user consent